Thursday, October 15, 2009

Currently pursuing a degree in HR? If so, you MUST read on!!!

Throughout college I worked in accounts payable while pursuing a degree in Human Resources. Once I graduated and had that degree in hand, I set out to apply for Human Resources positions. I was disappointed to discover that most employers who are looking to fill these positions are looking for someone with actual experience in the field. There are several aspects of HR, don't get me wrong, but I found out that the entry level positions didn't pay very well.

Looking back, I would strongly suggest if you are currently in pursuit of a degree in HR that you do one or more of the following while still in school:
  • Try to find an internship to participate in. This will help you to make connections and also get your foot in the door with a company that may eventually need YOU!!
  • Find an entry-level HR position such as an HR office assistant. This will get your foot in the door and will also place you in a position where you could possibly be promoted to a higher HR position in the future.
  • Go to job fairs to get your name out there. Try to plug in a company that you know has HR positions or a large HR department. Even if you start out as an administrative assistant, you will have the capability to ease your way into the HR department eventually.

Overall just don't wait until you graduate to start your HR career... get your foot in the door somewhere or get experience somewhere even if will benefit you in the long run!


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  3. I have actually found it very diffucult to find something that would at least get your "foot in the door" without a degree. I still have 2 years left to finish but I was told the same thing--that people want someone with ecperience in HR. I have been searching high and low for even just a position as a HR assistant or even a adminstrative assistant.

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